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Probate attorney and estate planning & estate administration lawyer Thomas Upchurch of Upchurch Law offers legal services to residents of Ormond Beach and all surrounding areas. If you are in need of an elder law attorney, guardianship attorney, medicaid attorney, estate planning attorney, probate attorney, or more — contact Upchurch Law today.

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If you need someone to handle your legal affairs, you need a highly experienced Florida probate attorney with years of service working with families just like yours. Upchurch Law has handled all manner of Florida estate planning and guardianship cases—as well as many other legal situations.

When a loved one passes, it is an understandably emotional and challenging time. Having to deal with the intricacies of a loved one’s estate is often a stressful and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. There are a number of legal procedures that are involved in the administration and division of the property of someone’s estate.

As the executor, you will have to face the burden of understanding the complex legal procedures involved with probate law. Thomas Upchurch has years of experience in estate planning and probate law, he understands how to ease the stress and speed up the estate administration process. As a Florida probate and elder law attorney his sole focus is on helping clients faced make it through this important process as smoothly and uncomplicated as possible.

At Upchurch Law, we are committed to providing the best legal services possible. Whether you just need a simple will created or you’re in a situation contesting an inheritance arrangement. At Upchurch Law our goal is to provide you with top notch personal service. This is why we strive to keep costs and fees reasonable when providing assistance on probate law matters.

We provide our clients with all of the same resources and support that much larger firms provide but with the personal attention that only small firms are able to provide.

Mr. Upchurch understands that all manner of legal proceedings, from probate matters, and estate planning to elder care and guardianship cases, can be daunting, complex and often confusing. At Upchurch Law, our priority is to provide clients with the best legal representation available.

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We will always be accessible and will promptly return client calls and emails. Our goal is to ensure our clients are getting the best legal information regarding their rights all through the legal process and we will be an expert guide helping clients navigate their legal issues.

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