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Exploitation Of The Elderly

An Attorney Defending Your Loved Ones from Exploitation of the Elderly

With a growing senior population, exploitation of the elderly is an escalating concern. Seniors often depend on family members or caregivers for even their most basic needs. In most cases, these individuals provide invaluable and compassionate services. Sadly, in some situations, caretakers can use their influence to their own advantage. If you feel that your loved one has been exploited, you need the help of an attorney experienced in cases of exploitation of the elderly. In Daytona Beach, FL, Mr. Thomas Upchurch can represent your case and help recover assets that have been coerced from loved ones. Exploitation assumes different forms, and Mr. Upchurch can take several different courses of action. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

What is Exploitation of the Elderly?

Exploitation of the elderly involves any scheme to defraud seniors and deprive them of their property. Often, perpetrators are caregivers who become an indispensable part of an elderly person’s life. Gradually, the client can become more and more dependent on the caregiver, relying on them for the most basic needs. This situation can give the caretaker the opportunity to exert undue influence. Often, the caregiver may convince the client to create a new will naming the caretaker as a substantial beneficiary. In other cases, a caregiver may gain access to a client’s bank account before syphoning assets, or ensuring they receive the funds upon the client’s death.

Though caregivers are often perpetrators of this behavior, neighbors, family members, and acquaintances can also engage in exploitation.

Mr. Upchurch focuses solely on probate law. With his wealth of experience, he can help you seek protection for your loved ones, and reclaim assets that have been unfairly distributed to undeserving parties.

Filing an Exploitation Claim

After evaluating the circumstances of your case, Mr. Upchurch will determine the most appropriate course of action. He may decide to file an undue influence claim. In other situations, he may ask the court to appoint a legal guardian for your loved one. Guardianship is typically a last resort because the courts want to maintain seniors’ independence and freedom as much as possible. However, when necessary, guardianship can provide invaluable protection for your loved one.

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Mr. Upchurch has a proven track record of successfully litigating cases that have stemmed from the financial abuse and neglect of incapacitated individuals. He focuses solely on probate law. With his wealth of experience, he can help you seek protection for loved ones, and reclaim assets that have been unfairly distributed to undeserving parties.

When you contact our office, we will do everything in our power to ensure you receive prompt and thorough help. After analyzing your case, Mr. Upchurch will give you an honest initial assessment. He will tell you the likely outcome, a basic timeline, and estimated costs if you decide to take your case to court. Meanwhile, he will keep you fully informed through every step of the legal process.

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